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Italy, the civilized cradle of the world, where everything is developed to the pinnacle of both technology and art.
Ice cream, a common dessert for the vast majority of us, but for Italians, artisanal ice cream called Gelato is an iconic product, a national heritage, the “National Soul Society” that makes everyone want to visit Italy and try the Italian Gelato once in a lifetime.

Handmade ice cream or Gelato (in Italian) is a completely different product from the usual ice cream we are used to seeing. Gelato is not only a dessert, but it is also considered a complete dish created from the highest quality ingredients, the freshest, the most balanced and complete nutritional ratio. Besides, Gelato is also created from the most advanced technologies, so that the product is not only nutritious, but also delicious, harmonious and different.

To ensure the originality of Gelato, at TIM CORP we offer our partners an “all-Italian solution”, a combination of modern Gelato machines from Iceteam1927-Cattabriga and high-class Martini ingredients. A solution to ensure the absolute taste of the famous Italian Gelato line.


Gelato base

Base powder is the “heart” and essential structure of Gelato.
Includes stabilizer and part emulsifier needed for good structure and extended shelf life of Gelato.
The most important foundational element of the production of Gelato. Plays a key role in forming high quality products without too much labor cost.

The base powder used to make Sorbetto is different from the base powder used to make Gelato.
All fruit base powders can be used for both hot and cold processes.
However, sorbetto is usually made by the cold process and very rarely by the hot process.

Function of foundation powder:

  • Extend usage time
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Make sure the cream is well mixed and well balanced
  • Make Gelato Production Easier

Sorbetto Base


Martini has a number of products called Improvers, which enhance Gelato structure, to increase smoothness, “scoopability” and air retention when gelato is in the showcase.

Traditional flavor mixes are high quality jams added to a gelato base for a consistent and authentic taste.
All mixed jams come in liquid form, some are more concentrated. The amount used varies depending on the type.
Traditional mixed jam can be divided into 2 types:

  • High-fat mixed jam: Usually these jams are made from dried fruits and nuts. (such as pistachios, peanuts, almonds…) concentrated, very high quality and the dosage used is usually high from 100g/kg to 120g/kg)
  • Mixed jams rich in sugar: Like biscuits, tiramisu, coffee, panna cotta, gum. Have a lower dosage (from 30g/kg to 70g/kg)

Classic Flavors

Fruity Jam Flavor

As part of Martini’s product line, an extremely concentrated fruit blend.
Can be used to make sorbetto (water-based ice cream flavor) but can also be used to make fruit gelato (milk-based cream flavor).
There are some fruits, used with water or milk also bring very good fruit taste such as Strawberry, Peach, Berry, Mango and Cantaloupe.
The dosage of Paste line is about 50 g per kg of foundation solution.

This is a special line of ingredients with diverse applications in Gelato such as direct mixing into ice cream, topping, cone coating, soft ice cream, milkshake, praline… especially the unique multi-layer gelato.

To add more difference, Brunelle Crok with solid ingredients such as biscuits, small breads, cereals will help create special structure for ice cream & increase appetite when chewing.

Brunelle & Brunelle Crok


Stracciatella coating is a product line specifically designed for coating/covering in creams. The product has a liquid state at a temperature of above 26º C and turns to a solid state when exposed to cold temperatures, so it is very suitable for use as a coating on Gelato/ice cream products. Products with many different flavors/colors from dark chocolate, white, fruit… are very convenient for decoration, increasing the attractiveness of ice cream.

You can download Gelato Ingredients E-catalogue from us for more information

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